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Friday, March 18, 2005

The Jack Attack!

So, we removed tons of dirt, remember that?

I know you do if you were one of the wonderful people who helped make it happen! Again, Lucy and I thank you so much for the astonishing effort put forth. I shake my head and just cry… cry… cry. No, I don’t– but I do gape some. And mutter “geez,” a lot.

The thing is, I had this moment of concern when I had this thought: What if some of those people who were doing the miner forty-niner bit didn’t even know why it had to be done? For what, already? And I wrung my hands some. My dirt-diggin’ hands.

So, if we didn’t get it straight with you, this is why we needed to dig out seven tons of dirt: To put in a series of jacks to support areas of the house that have suffered from neglect over many decades.

And here’s the very good news: The jacks are in! Which couldn’t have happened without the crazy digging day. But really, even Lucy and I are surprised. Patron Restorer Todd and his rock’em sock’ems flew into action last Thursday, just 4 days after the main digging party and two days after Meridith, Lucy and I dug out another ton. (see previous posts)

And to our astonishment, by end of day Friday, there were concrete platforms, jacks, a new support post, chimney reinforcements, and some sawed-out kitchen floor, just for added destruction. Pretty amazing for three guys!

The upshot: The floors will never be level. Todd keeps reminding us: "This is an old house. Old houses have wavy floors," Spoken in that sort of too loud and too enunciated tone, generally reserved for remedials (kidding!). BUT there is a dramatic difference all over the place. And the kitchen floor no longer has a rotted out hole in the corner, but now a nice strong patched-in section (that will soon be covered with…tile or something—the jury (Lucy) is still out.

Now here’s an invitation: If you were one of the Dirt Brigade, come over and see what you helped us accomplish! Just email me and we’ll figure out when you can stop by.

Don’t worry— the shovels have been put away.

If you're afraid to come over, here are pictures to look at.


At 6:20 PM, Blogger Lori-Lyn said...

It is amazing.
I'm glad you're accomplishing things. You have good work people. "Work people" is not the phrase I was looking for, but I hope you know what I mean.

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Mick said...

If, by "work people," you mean beloved people who work their gaddamned tails off, I think I know what you mean. ;-)


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