The Campsie Project

An account of the renovation of The Neglected House on the Wonderful Street in Wonderful Downtown Lexington, Kentucky.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

For the Lack of a Lock

Spent some of the day surfing for locksets (a new term for me) for the house. Also, I kept incorrectly spelling "locksets" as "Laptop Cases." Back to the matter at hand—Yeah, there's a variety of folks out there with keys and I suppose we need to change the locks. We're still at the point where there's really not much to steal in the house, except my ukulele and some bottles of wine. Wait-- I guess that means there's really quite a bit to steal, then isn't there?

I think Lucy and I overcomplicated things, just for practice. The locks just need to be re-keyed probably, but we went shopping and found that it seems possible to spend between $15 and $300 on a "handleset," which all seem to come in brass, brushed nickel or brushed brass nickel. And did I mention that they all look like they came off of George Washington's house? Yuck.

Seeing as how I like making lists, this house is a great project. Certainly lots of lists to be made. Today, I was hoping to do some hard work, but I woke up with a nasty cold and stayed in bed, while Lucy pulled nails and stacked wood for Esther. I drank water, though. What's that buddhist proverb, "Stack wood, drink water?" So I was doing my part. Okay, maybe I'm wrong...


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