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Monday, April 25, 2005

We've got The Power…



This weekend, very productive. We're entering a sawing phase, and I went to "The Depot" and—with some teeth-gnashing—bought a miter box, MSRP $14.97. (PS: Lucy thinks I'm an impulse buyer, but if so, I'm totally a cheap-ass impulse buyer. Speaking of cheap, where you buyin' your gas?

Anyway, I was excited about my miter box, plastic though it was. Then Patron Builder Todd came over to inspect my stud-work, and you know what he did? He laughed at my miter box. It reminded me of the time I was driving my Honda around near a great mechanic's place, with the emergency spare on. I'd been remiss in getting the "real" tire fixed, and Steve DiMartino waved me in, and patched it and put it on, right there, on the spot. When I tried to pay him, he waved me off, saying, "I felt sorry for you." Hooo-kay..

So in quite likely the same spirit, I was offered the indefinite loan of a kick-ass electric Miter Saw. And sweet baby Jesus, that thing is the cat's pajamas.

Okay—So maybe I never actually opened the plastic cheap Miter Box. Or maybe I opened it but refrained from actually cutting a single piece of wood. Maybe I had hoped against hope that this might happen, this cosmo-sent gizmo. Who knows? Maybe the Shadow knows, but he ain't talkin'. In fact, he's tied up in the basement.


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