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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Day of the Saws-All

Hello, Campsie watchers!

Yes, we've been a bit remiss with the postings, but I guess that's like saying "Under Contruction" on your web site, so I'll just spare you the apologies and cut to the action!

Let's see, hmmm, oh yeah! Knocked a doorway out upstairs. (blush)

Probably the most satisfying things I've yet done. I get worried over the DEstruction and lack of CONstruction, but hopefully that tide will turn if we can get Plumber John in to do his Pipe Magic®. Lucy and I were prepping for his hoped-for arrival, and then got the word that we were getting wait-listed 'til end of the week. Pleeease, let it just be end of the week…

So Sunday was a day of cutting wood, cleaning up wood and plaster and some of what I like to call Stand and Point Time. As best I can tell, this term hasn't been copyrighted yet, which is a mystery to me. I use it all the time. As in: "Patron Contractor Todd, can you come over so we can have some Stand and Point Time over this upstairs bathroom business?" I mean—isn't that nearly the core of working with contractors?

Thank the lord Jeee-zus Chreesto for my contractor friends, especially Todd and Josh. Both those guys know they'll be getting more calls from me. Lately, I've been trying to understand all about doors. I've gotcher carpentry books, dude; I've got the Readers Digest Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual, which is described as "the yard-stick by which all other books on do-it-yourself are measured." Thanks to Bob Tharsing for the tip. Now go look at his fabulous paintings.

So I started knocking out a hole in the wall in the bedroom, for another closet door. Maybe a bad idea. But I did as my parents' old pal Steve Murphy did and "make a decision, even if it's a bad one." Okay, so maybe bad one. Can't tell yet.

But the amazing thing is, I've knocked out another door hole, this one into the bathroom (er—future bathroom, that is.), and I'm feeling good about it. Probably because I got to use the sawsall. But I'm starting to think terms like studs, cripple studs, headers… And I'm getting kind of excited about the possibility of framing a door.
Is it possible that I could actually do this? Tune in again, fine reader for the eventual, much-later-than-I-think, answer!


At 5:59 AM, Blogger Lori-Lyn said...

Wow. You guys are rocking and rolling over there. Stand and Point time is my new favorite thing. (Ah, I remember it well.)


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