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Sunday, December 17, 2006

The legendary kitchen cabinet installation

I have been wanting to build this and put it up forever. And I'm not talking about the kitchen cabinets. That honor and gift could only come from the generous hands of John & Laura, our Kitchen Clamorers...

One day, a few months ago, Lucy and I were so very lucky to have John & Laura come over and install our kitchen cabinets. I am nothing but serious. Did I mention that they were responsible for us even having the cabinets?!? They came over and —well, see for yourself. This animation may take a minute to load. (it's 1.9 mb), but even as they were starting, I knew it had to be documented. So I put a camera on a tripod and diligently shot them every few minutes all day long.

Have I mentioned how lucky we are? Or how sterling they are?

John and Laura! We love our cabinets and we love you!!

(to see the animation again, hit the "reload" button in your browser)


At 10:55 AM, Blogger Blake said...

you are the luckiest duck in the whole world!


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